the IDENTIFY service

Contact data extraction

With the increasing expectations and regulation around data privacy – and especially handling of personal information – it’s important for businesses to have a tool that can inform and educate them about the personal information surface area.

Who’s who in your emails, messages and documents? In which of these did you mention or talk to a particular customer?

The more you communicate, the more you leave behind a trail of documents containing personal information. Obviously communication is essential to a good customer experience, but keeping track of it when it crosses multiple channels, including personal relationships and ad hoc documents, is not always easy.

Use cases

Identify is a service that offers contact data retrieval and linking across the text bodies that it scans. Customers use it for …

  • Linking of documents to customer master records. Use the Identify service to locate identifying information and match this to your customer database.
  • Identification and deletion of documents related to specific customers who request to be removed.
  • Automatic deletion of personal information after a period of time. Knowing where the PII (personally identifyable information) is located is a prerequisite for deleting, censoring or obfuscating these documents.


Quality metrics

Because of the dynamic and unstructured nature of written language, a service like this can never be 100% accurate. In fact, natural language is often times not completely unambiguous. Confidentify closely monitors the quality of the service with every change that is made. Our evaluation data set (containing more than a thousand representative test cases) is used to ensure the quality with every change that is made.

At Confidentify we value transparency and honesty – especially when it comes to service quality. Below are the latest evaluation test results to give you an impression of the service’s ability to match expected outcomes with actual results:

Match accuracy Partial matches
Person name

Organization name (beta)


Job title (beta)


How do I integrate the service?

All services are described via our OpenAPI specification, making it easy to integrate from a variety of clients and languages.

Convenient client packages for common programming languages are available via the Confidentify GitHub page.