the EMAIL service

Email validation

Email addresses are the new personal identifiers, and with proper handling the value of an email address is great. Unfortunately there is also a negative value to a bad email address.

The Confidentify email address service lets you quickly verify that email addresses can be trusted, corrected, validated and eventually used.

Use cases

  • Auto-correct email addresses with common spelling mistakes or light formatting issues.
  • Detect and block disposable email addresses from contacts who do not want to share their ‘real’ contact information.
  • Use the ‘simplified’ email identifier to help with duplicate detection.
  • Get suggestions for correcting unlikely email domains into more common ones.
  • Filter out invalid email addresses.


How do I integrate the service?

All services are described via our OpenAPI specification, making it easy to integrate from a variety of clients and languages.

Convenient client packages for common programming languages are available via the Confidentify GitHub page.