On this page we dare reveal our roadmap – the tentative plan for the future of Confidentify’s product. We do so while also recognizing that you cannot predict the future. But since you want to know, we prefer to be transparent and being explicit about our current goals and ambitions.

The items in the roadmap visualization below is color-coded as per this legend:


In progress


Services and functionality

  • Person name
    The name is Bond. James Bond. Better get that right.
    September 2019
  • Email and Phone
    Vanity numbers, Spam traps, Disposable emails and more. It's tricky to get the simplest details right.
    October 2019
  • Identify - phase 1
    Identify person names in unstructured text.
    December 2019
  • Identify - phase 2
    Expand 'Identify' service to cover organization names and job titles.
  • Identity Matching
  • Postal address

Clients and integrations

  • OpenAPI spec
    APIs should be easy to consume. So we made them that way.
    October 2019
  • Programming SDKs
    Java, .NET, Python and JavaScript SDKs on GitHub.
  • Data Integration tools


  • Early Adopter signup
    We invite early customers and interested people to sign up and get early access to the Confidentify services.
    October 2019
  • Interactive demos
    Website capable of demoing each service.
    December 2019
  • Ready for business
  • Online payment