confidently IDENTIFY the people you’re doing business with!

Confidentify (or conf·ident·ify as we like to put it) is a company that cares deeply for the details and complexities involved in understanding contact data, and especially the textual representations that we as humans use.

conf·ident·ify    contact data

Contact data, personal data, customer data is critical for most businesses, yet we naturally work with it in loosely structured ways which can lead to misunderstanding, data quality issues or even displacement of the information. Ironically, the loosely structured ways of working with contact data is often times also necessary to capture all the details and stay respectful with all the different naming, addressing and language cultures in our global world. For these reasons you need a technology partner like conf·ident·ify to reliably turn data into actionable information when it is needed.

The team


Kasper Sørensen, founder & CEO

Based on more than 10  years of experience in the field of information quality, Kasper went to create conf·ident·ify as a side-project from his day-to-day job

Kasper first made a name for himself by founding and growing the leading open source data quality solution, DataCleaner, which is still widely used today. He worked on MDM products at Human Inference and postal quality software at Satori Software throughout the past 10 years.


Trine Jørgensen, marketing & project manager

As a former project consultant in the public health sector, Trine knows the value and challenges of keeping things on track, as well as the importance of grounding everything in the people that you serve.

At conf·ident·ify she oversees marketing activities and project management.