Confidently identify who you're doing business with.

Cloud services for Contact Data Quality & Management


Contact data extraction from unstructured text. Finds contacts in your documents.

Person name

Makes sense out of names and provides the discrete given names, family names etc.


Optimize and weed out the disposable, misspelled or invalid email addresses.


Standardize & validate that phone numbers are callable across the world.

Interrogate your data

Do you know what's hiding in your customer data? Is the contact information valid and complete? Are the people reliable for business transactions and basic communication? Or is the information fake or inadequate? Scan you data to get the answers.

Identify your customers

Believe it or not, handling customer data is hard. Personal identifiers like names and addresses are typically stored in unstructured or semistructured fashions. Confidentify is a web of services built to make sense of your contact data and bring sanity back into your data flow.

Be friendly and be structured!

How are you going to greet Mr. Smith politely in your next letter, if his registered name already contains a salutation and a nickname? Confidentify helps you add structure to contact data so you can use it for friendliness, intelligence or cleanliness.